On the second anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), a reminder: this important law allows me and millions of college students the freedom to make autonomous choices about our future as working Americans.

As is the case for many students nowadays, I’m not guaranteed a job after a graduate. But I can breathe easier knowing that the ACA lets me stay on my parent’s health plan until I work my way up to a paid position with benefits. In the (hopefully short) interim, I can focus on succeeding as a member of the workforce instead of worrying about insurance.

Recent bills introduced in Congress have tried to undermine access to preventive services. While opponents typically state these amendments target contraception, the impact would be broader and could also impact services such as testing for HIV/AIDS, diabetes, cancer, and depression. I am thankful to be able-bodied and healthy, but even more so that the ACA ensures comprehensive coverage in case that changes.

Attacks from Congress undermine students’ rights to make choices about our health as we attempt to rejuvenate a struggling economy. The ACA protects the health of students, families, and our country.

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