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Texans Stand Up for Women’s Health

Congratulations to Texas lawmakers who stood up for women’s health! State Senator Wendy Davis staged a 13 hour filibuster to stop legislation that would have effectively banned abortion in Texas. She was supported by other lawmakers, as well as hundreds of concerned citizens. They are a true lesson in democracy. When anti-abortion Texas legislators tried to subvert the democratic process and ram through a bill that would close clinics and take away women’s access to abortion in Texas, these supporters of women’s health stepped up. They turned their outrage into action, stopped a terrible bill from moving forward, and inspired a nation

While this victory in Texas is important to celebrate, there are two notes of caution. First, the fight in Texas might not be over. There could be another special session of the legislature, in which anti-abortion legislators try again to effectively ban abortion in the state. We must continue to stand with Texas women. 

Second, we must also remember that women in other states haven’t fared so well this legislative session. In 2013 so far, states have passed extreme measures that restrict women’s access to abortion, even going so far as banning abortion altogether. And attempts to restrict abortion are still being pushed in other states

We all need to remain vigilant, and let our voices be heard. State politicians everywhere need to stop their extreme overreach into women’s personal decisionmaking. 

It's time for change, and we must act now. Time's up.