Sadly, we are getting used to obstruction in Congress on a whole range of issues. But we can’t afford to let the Senate off the hook because a determined minority is preventing votes on federal judges.

Tell your Senators to stop the delays and insist on a vote on ALL judicial nominees.

Almost one in ten federal judgeships sits empty, and over one-third of those vacancies are in courts so overburdened that they have been deemed judicial emergencies. When our courts aren’t working at full capacity, it takes longer to resolve civil cases.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There are 22 nominees ready for a floor vote, and if the Senate voted on all of them, the number of vacancies would be reduced by almost 30%. What is more, some of these nominees have been waiting for months. For example, Caitlin Halligan, a nominee to the D.C. Circuit with unassailable qualifications, extensive experience, and broad bipartisan support, has been waiting for a vote since March — over eight months.

Why the delays? Because some Senators in the minority are refusing to follow time-honored rules in confirming judicial nominees. These Senators are trying to run out the clock on judges, even while people around the country are waiting for justice.

Justice delayed is justice denied. Tell your Senators to get the job done and vote on ALL judicial nominees.

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