They’re at it again. Opponents of birth control are trying to put women’s health at risk.

Over the summer, we secured a big victory when we helped get all forms of FDA-approved contraceptives covered and without a co-pay. However, we were dismayed that the administration allowed some employers to deny this coverage to their employees. Now, some opponents of contraception are pressuring President Obama to deny this critical benefit to more than a million more women.

Tell them NO! When we make progress in women’s health, ALL women deserve to be part of that success. Tell the President that all women should have coverage of contraception without co-pays.

The reality is that nearly all of sexually active women in the U.S., regardless of their religious beliefs, use contraception at some point in their lives, and it is a preventive health service that should be covered regardless of where they work.

Tell President Obama to give all women access to contraception without co-pays.

For many years, the National Women’s Law Center has been working to get contraception covered in all health insurance plans, and we won’t stop now! This summer over 60,000 of you joined our effort to say: birth control — we got you covered! We need your help again to ensure that ALL women have access to affordable contraceptiontell President Obama to give ALL women access to contraception without co-pays.

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