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By: Danielle Jackson, Online Outreach AssociatePosted on March 15, 2011 Issues: Health Care

Friends and bloggers – to mark the health care law’s positive impact on people across the country, a national coalition of organizations have come together to hold a week-long celebration of the passage of Affordable Care Act from March 21 – March 25, 2011, with each day designated to highlight how the law is benefiting a different constituency. The National Women’s Law Center will be co-hosting a blog-a-thon with MomsRising to raise awareness about the positive effects the law is having on women and their families. We’re looking for bloggers to join in and share their thoughts and stories about health care reform, and what it will mean for the future of women and women’s health in America. The event will be over 24 hours of blogging – with MomsRising starting on March 23rd, the anniversary of the health care law, and the National Women’s Law Center ending the event on March 24th, the women’s day of the anniversary.

Sign-up today to be part of the Women’s Health Blog-a-thon!

Take part in this important anniversary by blogging about why the law is important for women and their families, how it’s helping you, or why keeping the law strong is important for everyone. It’s simple to get involved: register your blog to participate in the blog-a-thon and send us a link to your blog post the week of the Affordable Care Act anniversary. On March 23rd and 24th, NWLC and MomsRising will be updating our websites with blog posts from across the blogosphere.

Blog for Women’s Health and join in the celebration of the one year anniversary of this critical law for women and their families.

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, women are no longer a pre-existing condition. Women and their families no longer have to worry about being dropped from their health coverage when they need it the most; are able to receive access to health coverage if they have a pre-existing condition; and can receive critical preventive health care services like mammograms and pap smears without a co-pay. We’d love to hear personal stories about how this law has already impacted – or will go on to – change your life and the health care you receive. For more information on how this law will affect women’s lives, please see our series of factsheets, “What Women Need to Know about Health Reform,” and “I’m a woman who…

Register today and have your voice join other bloggers from across the country as we celebrate the one year anniversary of this important law!

To find out more about how the health care law is already benefiting women and their families, please visit our website. If you have any questions about the blog-a-thon, please contact Danielle Jackson at [email protected].

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