Yesterday, the Board of Supervisors in San Francisco voted on historic legislation to ensure workers in San Francisco’s chain restaurant and retail stores have predictable and stable schedules. The vote was 10-0 in favor of the legislation—completely unanimous and a veto-proof majority!

Introduced by Supervisors David Chiu and Eric Mar, the bill had strong support from Jobs with Justice, the California Work and Family coalition, and unions. Workers have turned out in droves in San Francisco to explain why they need fair work schedules. Supervisor David Chiu cited hearing stories of workers like Sandra Herrera, a grocery store cashier and mother of four, as motivation for the bill. Sandra explained, “It’s hard for me to tell my kids, this is what we have for dinner tonight, because I don’t know how much I am bringing home.” The Retail Worker Bill of rights will help those workers struggling to manage their work lives by calling on managers of formula retail stores to post schedules 14 days in advance, give extra pay for last minute shift cancellations or changes to the schedule, pay a set amount for unused call-in shifts, and give part-time workers the same access as full-time workers to requests for time off and particular work schedules.

The historic vote came yesterday as all across the country, hundreds of workers and allies, together with members of Congress and state legislators, participated in a Scheduling Day of Action. As one worker said, “We need Schedules That Work so that I know what will be in my paycheck so I can pay rent!” It was a truly great day, and we look forward to victories in San Francisco, and elsewhere!

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