By: Dania Palanker, Former Senior CounselPosted on July 2, 2015 Issues: Health Care

When you’re planning a wedding, the to do lists just keep growing. You need a location. You need a caterer. A florist. An officiant. A health insurance assistor. A photographer. You need to pick out invitations, trim down the invitation list, pick the best health coverage option, choose a menu.

Wait, what was that about health insurance and health coverage?

Because the Supreme Court upheld the health care law the day before guaranteeing marriage equality, married same sex couples have access to health insurance premium subsidies in every state. A double win – marriage and affordable health insurance. For some couples, marriage will mean additional access to affordable coverage. However, nothing is simple (except the majority decision upholding the health care law [PDF). Increased income or new access to employer coverage may mean one spouse may lose eligibility for coverage. That is why it is important to add one more to do list.

I’m Getting Married Health Insurance To Do List:

  Find out if we are eligible for a special enrollment period through the health insurance marketplace.

  Contact the marketplace to update information on our family size and income (if one of us is enrolled in coverage through the health insurance marketplace)

  Ask human resources about a special enrollment through my employer’s insurance (or have my fiancé ask her human resources).

  Check our family’s eligibility for Medicaid and other public programs.





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