Times are tough, and people need help. The 2010 midterm elections will determine whether women and families will get the helping hand they need. In the coming months, Congress is poised to make decisions about whether to extend unemployment insurance benefits, whether to repeal new provisions making it illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage for people with preexisting conditions, and whether to invest in families struggling to make ends meet or instead spend massive amounts on tax breaks for the wealthy. Your vote can make a difference in these decisions.

Women are typically more likely than men to vote, and that has made an important difference in many elections, given that women also tend to vote for different candidates than men and favor more progressive policies. But this year, polling suggests that women are less enthusiastic than men about heading to the polls. Unmarried women, in particular, who turned out in record numbers in 2008, report that they are less likely to vote this year. If women don’t show up, we’ll all lose.

Need more reasons why your vote matters? Check out NWLC’s new Why Women Should Vote factsheet series, which explains the stakes in 2010. We can’t afford for women to sit this one out.

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