House Budget Chairman Tom Price (R-GA) just released a budget resolution outlining his priorities for FY 2016 and beyond. While the introduction to his plan observes that “[t]he economy is not working for many Americans,” and “[a] lot of people are struggling to keep up or are being left behind altogether,” he has a funny way of showing his concern for their plight; like the budget plans put forward in recent years by Price’s predecessor, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the Price plan balances the budget on the backs of vulnerable women and their families. The Price budget would:

And here’s what the Price budget would not do: raise one penny of revenue from the very wealthy or corporations. Indeed, although the tax plan is vague, it’s clear on more tax cuts for the wealthy. Overall, just like the Ryan budget, Rep. Price’s plan would almost certainly increase poverty and inequality, causing the most harm to the struggling families it claims to help.  

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