July 19, 2007

A vote for right priorities, or for the wrong direction?

by Cristina Martin Firvida Today, the House of Representatives is voting on the spending bill (H.R. 3043) that funds many of the federal programs that make the greatest difference in the lives of American women and their

July 10, 2007

Does Billionaire Steve Schwarzman Pay a Lower Tax Rate than You?

(Think Congress should do something about it?) by Rebecca Wilkins and Joan Entmacher Tomorrow, the Senate Finance Committee is holding a hearing with the unbelievably boring title of “Carried Interest, Part I.” But before you yawn and ignore

July 6, 2007

Governors Ask Congress to Reverse Restrictive Welfare Rules

by Jessica Stone and Joan Entmacher Over the past year, the Bush Administration has put additional barriers in the path of poor women struggling to provide for their children, and of states trying to provide assistance to

June 14, 2007

Children Still Waiting

by Helen Blank

June 8, 2007

Veto-Man Threatens Gains for Women and Families

by Joan Entmacher

June 1, 2007

The Rise (and Fall) of the Bottom Fifth

by Joan Entmacher In an op-ed this week titled "The Rise of the Bottom Fifth," Ron Haskins points to a finding in a recent study by the Congressional Budget Office—that the lowest-income fifth of households with children

May 18, 2007

Show Me the Money

By Joan Entmacher Bloggers spend a lot of time parsing the statements of politicians, but if one wants to get a true sense of their priorities, the budget is a good place to start. Congress just approved

April 18, 2007

Mind The Gap

by Cristina Begoña Martin Firvida The Senate Finance Committee held a hearing today on closing the tax gap. The tax gap is the amount of federal taxes owed but not collected.  The Washington Post recently reported that