By Marcia Greenberger, Co-President,
National Women's Law Center

Cross-posted from Huffington Post 

It seems like a long time since this winter’s frigid temperatures, record-breaking snowstorms and impassable streets. We’re so far into spring that Washington’s cherry blossoms have come and gone. It’s even time for Equal Pay Day! That’s the day when the average woman, working all of 2009 and almost four months into 2010, earns what a man earns in 2009 alone.

It takes a woman, on average, almost 16 months just to make what her male counterpart earns in twelve, and she’s finally gotten there on April 20 this year. A woman on average has to work almost all of these four months to earn the additional $10,622 that her male counterpart earned by New Year’s day. That’s a lot of money to be shortchanged, and a lot of needless time and sacrifice for women and their families.

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