Posted on May 21, 2018 Issues: Breaking Stereotypes Racial Justice

You Don’t Belong Here: A Conversation About the Impact of Asian Representation

AAPIs still get lumped into a single category that includes A LOT of different people who aren’t necessarily always represented and often are marginalized.

Building Our Hope: AAPI Women Artists/Activists

In this post, I pay tribute to Asian American women activists who have transformed and illuminated the struggle toward justice using art across genres and themes.

What the “Model Minority” Stereotype Misses: AAPI Women on the Margins

The “model minority” stereotype would have you believe that AAPI women are doing just fine in this economy. But the reality is more complicated.

Patsy Mink Fought to Break Down Barriers to Education for Women and Girls, and We Must Continue the Fight

Patsy Takemoto Mink opened the doors to education for women and girls all across America.

Making the Invisible VISIBLE for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

This month, the National Women’s Law Center is going to observe APAHM by sharing our stories, our research, and our take on the importance of representation and equity for all marginalized and historically under-represented peoples.

Why Asian American and Pacific Islander Communities Should March for Black Women

It is not by some virtue of Asians or lack of ambition of Black people that one is considered a model minority, while the other is often characterized as lazy or self-destructive.

Give Mulan the Feminist Chinese Story She Deserves

You can imagine the impact Mulan had on me when Disney’s animated take on it first came out in 1998. The film, one of only a few I’d seen with primarily Asian characters, takes place when

#whitewashedOUT is About AAPI Invisibility in Every Sense

Do you see yourself reflected in movie or TV characters? The last time I related to a character onscreen was back in 1998 when I saw Disney’s Mulan, where the protagonist disguises herself as a man
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