By: Fatima Goss Graves, President and CEOPosted on September 16, 2010 Issues: Equal Pay & the Wage Gap

This morning the U.S. Census released its annual data on income and poverty. We expect to see a number of sobering statistics in the data, and you’ll receive updates throughout the day as we wade through all the data. But one thing is clear—women on average still make 23 cents less for every dollar earned by a man. In other words, in this down economy, women and their families remain shortchanged by an unfair wage gap. Help us spread the word that this discrimination persists—check out our new video about the wage gap and share it with your friends!

Time is running out. The Senate has a short window to make a difference and pass the Paycheck Fairness Act. Call your Senator today at 1-877-667-6650, and say that women and their families can do better than a 23 percent discount on their wages.

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