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Marcia Greenberger, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center, issued the following statement after the Senate began its August recess:

“The Senate confirmed only four judicial nominees before leaving, but took no action on 20 more who were ready for a floor vote. Nine of those individuals were named to courts that are so overworked they have been designated ‘judicial emergencies.’ Many of the nominees have been ready for a vote for months, and 16 of them had been approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee without any opposition,” said Greenberger. “Unfortunately, partisan obstruction in the Senate has become routine. Although the Senate started off on the right foot this year by confirming at least a few judges on a weekly basis, since May there has been a complete breakdown of the confirmation process.

“Political maneuvering in the Senate has kept highly qualified nominees from receiving a fair vote,” Greenberger said. “Americans are waiting for justice, and it’s cold comfort that the Senate has scheduled a vote on only one additional nominee when it returns in September. We call upon senators to vote on all 20 pending nominees once they return to Washington in September.”

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