Most people find it easy to fight against a cause whether they have experienced it or not, (eh hem: men on women’s reproductive rights). Even when satires, which are meant to be humorous yet, raise awareness of how ridiculous politics can get, people get extremely outraged.

Being that I am constantly in the fight for equality for women, I sometimes have to remind myself to take things with a grain of salt. People are continuing to argue about our reproductive rights, most of these people being men. Well, how could you be against something you know nothing about personally?

I am extremely frustrated with the attacks on women’s health and reproductive options made by ‘pro-life’ activists. It is bad enough they are depriving women of their freedom of choice, but they are pinning us against each other by making things pro-life versus pro-choice. It is possible to be pro-life AND pro-choice. Now, I have never experienced an abortion or a pregnancy, however, I was indeed a surprise to my parents.

My mother was Homecoming Queen of her high school, a varsity basketball star, and had a lot of promise to her future. She started off her life after high school by attending a Community College because of financial difficulties, which is when she met my father, who was 22 years older. Shortly after, she was pregnant.

Clearly, because of my writing to you today, my mother and father made the choice of bringing me into this world. This is also why I, myself, am pro-choice.

Most people would assume that because they chose life, that I should be pro-life, while I am eternally grateful for their decision, I am also sympathetic to what my parents went through and gave up because of their decisions. For instance, my mother missed out on her young-adult years, by having to raise me. The pregnancy forced them into a rushed marriage (because of religious beliefs held by certain family members), which led them to a rushed divorce 5 years later.

What if they had chosen to have an abortion and my mother could have lived her life with my father free of worry. They could still be married today, 23 years later. What if my father had been my mother’s age, an 18 year old with no salary, and no job at all? Hell, what if he had been a deadbeat and not aide my mother and take her in when she needed a home? What if after that year of Community College, my mother would have been able to go achieve a Bachelor’s degree in whatever her dreams were?

What if? That’s the question I’m sure they asked themselves. However, they chose life, but I wouldn’t have blamed them if they had chosen the alternative.

The beauty of the situation is my mother had a choice and if circumstances had been different, she still would have had the choice and done what was right for her, and her potential child. I am extremely thankful for my parent’s decision, and love them both to death for all they have given me, including life.

However, they were able to figure out a way to make things work, and unfortunately not every woman has a man like my father there for her, or has the ability and opportunity to bring a child into this world, so why deprive her of that choice?

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