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Register to Vote
Please use our simple online voter registration tool to get started today!
Register to Vote

It’s a simple question: are you registered to vote?

Are you sure?

Most people don’t realize it but, depending on the laws in your state, these are just a few of the life-changes that might knock you off the voter roll and force you to re-register:

  • Getting married and changing your name
  • Moving, even within the same city or town
  • Going to college
  • Going through a mortgage foreclosure

Make sure your voice is heard — when women vote, leaders listen! Please use our simple online voter registration tool (offered with Rock The Vote) to start the registration process. If you’re not registered, the system will make sure you get the right form mailed to you, already filled out! If it turns out that you are already registered and use the tool, it’s no problem at all — the system will simply verify that you’re on the voter rolls already.

Throughout the rest of the summer and fall, we’ll tell you more about the issues at stake this year that matter to women and our families. And we’ll help make sure that you’re ready to go to the polls — we’ll direct you to information about any new rules that might come between you and your vote! For instance, even if you ARE registered, many states have recently imposed new rules that require voters to bring particular kinds of ID (such as a driver’s license) with them when they vote.

But for now, what matters is that you register to vote — because if we don’t vote, we have no one to blame but ourselves if politicians ignore the issues we care about. Please register now! While you’re on the page, you can also check out our fact sheets describing the issues at stake in 2012 and why they matter. Please help us make our leaders listen to the interests of women and families!

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