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Make a Facebook Fundraiser for NWLC!

Posted on November 27, 2017

From suing the Trump administration (twice!) to creating a brand new legal network for women and girls facing sex discrimination, we’ve been hard at work in the resistance this year. But here’s the thing — we can’t do it without you. Support from people like you makes it possible to take a case like Alicia’s to court and to stand up for girls like DarbiAnne. And on this Giving Tuesday, Facebook is making your support go even farther. Any money raised through Facebook Fundraisers on the site on Tuesday, November 28, will be matched, up to $50,000, and all transaction fees will be waived.  That’s why we’re asking our Facebook fans to create a fundraiser for NWLC — so we can keep fighting for women across the country. Never made a Facebook fundraiser before? Don’t worry, it’s easy!

1. Login to Facebook.

We know, obvious, but hey, we’re just being thorough!

2. Navigate to the “Fundraisers” section.

You can find this on the lefthand side of your screen on desktop, or if you’re on mobile, click on the hamburger button (the three lines) on the bottom right hand of your screen and then scroll down to the “Fundraisers” section (or just click here).



 3. Start your fundraiser.

  • First, click on the “Raise Money” button on the top of your screen.
  • Select “Nonprofit” and search for “National Women’s Law Center.”
  • Choose how much money you’d like to raise and set a deadline.
  • For the donations to count in Facebook’s Giving Tuesday match, make sure you set the deadline for November 28th.

4. Give your fundraiser a title and description.

Need some help? Here are some samples you can use:
Title: Help me raise money to support the rights of women and girls
Description: The National Women’s Law Center has been fighting for women and girls for over 45 years. I’m proud to support them this #GivingTuesday and beyond.

Title: I’m raising money for women’s equality!

Description: This #GivingTuesday I’m supporting the National Women’s Law Center as they defend the rights of women and girls – I hope you’ll join me!

Your fundraiser will be best when it comes from the heart – so feel free to come up with your own reasons for why you’re fundraising (we also love to read why you’re a supporter)!

5. Pick a photo.

We’ve got some great photos already on Facebook you can choose from, but feel free to personalize with your own photo – a picture of you from a march or protest is especially on theme.

6. Share with your friends.

Don’t let your hard work go to waste! Ask your friends to support your #GivingTuesday fundraiser so we can make the most of Facebook’s generous match!

7. Receive our eternal gratitude.

Okay, this last one isn’t a step – but in this challenging year, we’re so, so grateful that we can count you as our supporter and our friend in the resistance. Thank you for having our back – and know that we’ve got yours.


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