Yesterday, on a straight party line vote, the House passed S.J. Res. 8, a joint resolution that bars the National Labor Relations Board’s new election rules from taking effect.  The NLRB rules would update and streamline the election process and allow workers to vote on union representation in a fair and timely manner.    

The NLRB rules are particularly important because the benefits of union membership are especially pronounced for women.  Female union members earn more than their non-union counterparts do, and the gender wage gap is smaller among union workers than it is among non-union workers.  That’s why after the Senate voted to overturn the NLRB rule by a narrow margin of 53-46, the National Women’s Law Center sent a letter to House lawmakers urging them to vote against the bill.

Yet, despite the obvious benefits of facilitating fair and timely union elections, the House passed S.J. Res. 8.  If enacted, the law would not only prevent the rules from taking effect, but also forever block the NLRB from adopting similar measures.  That’s because under the Congressional Review Act, the Board would need to get congressional approval before adopting another rule in “substantially the same form.” 

Tying the hands of the NLRB and obstructing union election processes will not improve conditions for women and working families. We urge President Obama to stand with workers and veto S.J. Res. 8.

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