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Hyatt Hotels Misses the Mark When it Comes to Housekeeper Appreciation

Way to show your appreciation, Hyatt:

After two housekeepers protested their faces being superimposed on bikini-clad cartoons during “Housekeeper Appreciation Week,” Hyatt Hotels ‘investigated’ and later fired the two sisters, Martha and Lorena Reyes, who had worked at the hotel for 7 and 24 years, respectively. The women have gone on to file harassment and retaliation charges with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).

While this is outrageous, according to Unite Here!, the union that represents numerous Hyatt hotel workers, this is a symptom of a greater and more pervasive problem at the Hyatt.

Though the charges with the EEOC are still pending, stay tuned for more news.  We expect that the workers at the Hyatt will continue to press for a safe and secure work environment.