A few weeks ago we shared the very exciting news that the Obama administration had held strong and we’d secured no-cost birth control for millions of women through the Affordable Care Act. This was a huge and important step for women’s health and something the National Women’s Law Center has been working towards for over a decade.

But, unfortunately, this decision and final rule has not quieted the opposition. Instead, those opposing the rule are continuing to push back and decry this significant advancement. We’ve posted a number of responses to the negative press and quotes, and we’re continuing to fight back by working with our state partners and submitting letters to the editor to newspapers across the country.

Amidst these negative articles, we’ve also been able to get a few good quotes trumpeting the tremendous benefits of this decision. We also got some coverage of the fact  that employers were already required to cover contraception as determined by the EEOC in a 2000 ruling.

Additionally, there has also been some good press coverage of the decision, including this piece in the American Prospect that cites our own Gretchen Borchelt and pushes back on some of the negative press. Additionally, Judy Waxman was on The Diane Rehm show touting the wonderful benefits of the rule.

The thread that runs through all of this coverage is this – even though we’ve secured this huge advancement for women’s health, the fight is far from over. Opponents to contraception and women’s health services are continuing to bellow and holler their opposition, and we must do the same. We must do it, because this is about women’s health. As much as opponents are trying to make it about something else, we cannot forget that this rule will improve the health of women and their families.

So, first please take 5 seconds to fill out our petition thanking Secretary Sebelius and the administration for this huge step forward on women’s health care. And, second, tell your friends – tell them what this means to you personally, what this means for all women (remember 98% of sexually active women use some form of birth control), and tell them to tell their friends too. Your support has never been so critical.

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