HERvotesAs you may have heard, the Catholic Bishops are urging the Obama administration to expand the religious refusal clause concerning contraceptives. This could allow religiously affiliated institutions that are not churches – such as hospitals, universities, Catholic Charities, and others – to refuse to cover birth control without co-pays for their students and employees. That’s even though birth control constitutes “preventive care” under the Affordable Care Act, which is mandatorily covered at no cost by insurance plans. And as we’ve been telling you, denying contraceptive coverage is harmful to women.

In response, today the HERvotes coalition is banding together for another blog carnival to fight the Catholic bishops’ push to expand the religious exemption for employer birth control coverage. After the jump, we have links to some of the posts in today’s blog carnival to get you started reading. While you’re at it, please make sure to take a moment to tell President Obama that all women need affordable birth control. For more information about contraceptive coverage and for more resources and blogs from the NWLC, please visit our contraceptive coverage overview page.

Posts from the National Women’s Law Center

Tell President Obama All Women Need Affordable Birth Control, Judy Waxman
My Employer Shouldn’t Control My Contraception Decisions, Leila Abolfazli
Sad Reality: New President, Same Fight, Stephanie Drahan
Conscience Clause: Preserving Morality or Creating Immorality?, Elizabeth Beaulac

Posts from Participants

Fight Against an Expanded Religious Exemption that Denies Birth Control Coverage, Dren Asselmeier, The Course of Reason
Will Obama Abandon Women for Bishops?  Angela Bonavoglia, Huffington Post
The Catholic Church Wasn’t on My Ballot: What’s Next for President Obama and Birth Control  Abigail Collazo, Fem 2.0
Losing My Religion: Catholic Bishops Attack Reproductive Rights, Hoping to Undermine Birth Control Coverage, Megan Kearns, The Opinioness of the World
President Obama: Don’t Cave in to Bishops, National Organization for Women
What is So Wrong With Abstinence Education?, Kat Sabine, The Bitch in the House
Religious Exemptions and Contraceptive Coverage: How Far Can Denial Go and Still Be Constitutional?, Annamarya Scaccia, RH Reality Check
Tell Obama to Protect Birth Control!, Maureen Shaw, sherights
Blog Carnival: #HERVotes against the Bishops, Heather Prescott, Knitting Clio
Make the Promise of Preventative Care in the ACA Real for All Women, Wisconsin Alliance for Women’s Health
HERVotes Blog Carnival: Women v. the Bishops, Kim Gandy, Feminist Majority Foundation blogging on HERvotes

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