The temperature is rising in Washington over negotiations on cutting federal spending as part of a deal to reduce the deficit and raise the country’s legal borrowing limit, known as the debt ceiling.

There’s a lot on the line for women and families: Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, maternal and child health programs, Head Start, unemployment insurance, and more are at risk of being cut dramatically. At the same time, some political leaders are threatening to cause the United States to default in order to protect tax breaks for the super-duper rich.

It’s a price we can’t afford to pay. Hedge fund managers and CEOs with corporate jets are one side of the coin. The rest of us are the Flip Side of the Coin, and we want to hear from you. Tell us what domestic programs have meant for you and your family!

Women and their families should not bear the brunt of deficit reduction — women need fair change to survive and thrive. Instead of drastic spending cuts, Congress should protect key domestic programs and services and increase revenues from the wealthiest in our society.

Help us protect these critical investments by putting a face on them: add your voice to our “Flip Side of the Coin” storybank! We will compile the stories we gather and use them in our advocacy efforts, from testimony before Congress to important written materials, to protect vital programs.

With your help, we’re going to Demand Fair Change, Not Spare Change™ for women and families in the budget debate.

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