It’s Equal Pay Day — the day in the year when women’s wages finally catch up to men’s from the previous year. For the occasion, NWLC has released a number of new fact sheets explaining the persistent wage gap and its impact on women and families. You’ll see that today women still make $.77 for every dollar the typical man makes. There are lots of reasons we need to close the wage gap. Among the most important: it’s just not right. It’s hard to say it better than Donna Summer in She Works Hard for the Money.

Summer wrote this song about Onetta, a bathroom attendant she met at a restaurant who worked for “little money, just tips for pay.” Like Onetta, millions of women are still clustered in low-wage jobs working hard for little pay, with women making up nearly 2/3 of workers paid the minimum wage. Fair pay would make a world of difference to these women and their families.

She works hard for the money, so you better treat her right.

Where words leave off, music begins. Check out the video.

(Tip: the dance break three minutes in is not to be missed.)

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