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The White House announced recently that law professor Dawn Johnsen had withdrawn her name from consideration for the position of Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) in the Department of Justice,  and that President Obama had accepted her decision. The Obama Administration noted that Senate Republicans would not allow her nomination to come to a vote. 

The following is a statement by Marcia Greenberger, Co-President of the National Women’s Law Center, which was a strong supporter of her nomination.

“The announcement that Dawn Johnsen has withdrawn her nomination to head the Office of Legal Counsel was a profound disappointment.  

“Professor Johnsen’s remarkable legal skills and experience made her superbly qualified to lead OLC.  She had served as a Deputy Assistant Attorney General and then Acting Assistant Attorney General for OLC during the Clinton Administration, service that won her widespread praise. Following her tenure in the Department of Justice, she became a professor at the Indiana University School of Law-Bloomington. As a widely respected professor of constitutional law, she has grappled with complex legal issues that are the subject of OLC consideration.  

“In addition to her impeccable legal abilities, Dawn Johnsen has demonstrated a clear understanding of the unique and important role of OLC and worked in bipartisan fashion to offer concrete solutions to restore its integrity after many failings under the past administration.  

“Dawn Johnsen’s commitment to the rule of law is unassailable. The country is the poorer because OLC has been deprived of her extraordinary talents.”

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