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You may have heard that American women working full-time year-round earn just 77 cents on the dollar of their male counterparts. But what you may not have heard is how important the wage gap is for African-American and Hispanic women, who have particularly high rates of unemployment and poverty and are more likely than white women to be supporting a family with just one salary.

African-American women make only 62 cents, and Hispanic women only 53 cents, for every dollar earned by white, non-Hispanic men. These gaps translate into a loss of $19,581 for African-American women and $24,224 for Hispanic women every year!

And if the gap wasn’t enough, the wages of African-American and Hispanic women have been increasing at a much slower pace than those of other women. While women overall have seen their wages increase by 31 percent in constant 2009 dollars since 1970, African-American and Hispanic women have seen a smaller growth of 25 percent and 18 percent respectively.

For more on why equal pay is so important to many women of color and for the wage gap in your state, check out our new fact sheet.

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