This past Friday, interns across DC interested in reproductive health, rights, and justice participated in a law and policy training sponsored by the National Women’s Law Center and Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ). The training allowed undergrad students, law students, and policy students to interact with numerous advocates for reproductive rights across various fields and in various points in their careers.

Participants heard from recent law graduates paired with organizations dedicated to seeking reproductive justice as well as a diverse career panel made up of both public and private sector attorneys who advocate for reproductive rights and justice in different ways through their careers. Participants also interacted with the talented lawyers of the Center in small groups, discussing the emerging issues in reproductive rights and the larger law and policy context in which these issues are set. Participants also received valuable practical skills such as learning how to message to the public and how to speak with shakers and movers on the Hill.

Personally, as a law student interested in reproductive rights, it was inspiring to be surrounded by and interact with leaders in the field and so many driven young people. The career panel provided great insight into how attorneys in various fields can be advocates for reproductive health issues, even though it may not be their main focus.

I left the training with new tools in my toolkit for becoming a successful law and policy advocate and a feeling of inspiration to take on the various challenges in the fight for reproductive health, rights, and justice. Thanks to the Center and LSRJ for taking the time to invest in up-and-coming advocates, I can tell that great things are ahead.

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