Another slap your forehead/they don’t get it moment.

Mike McCurry, in describing the four moderators for the Presidential debates said, “We have two very experienced, seasoned, veteran journalists who have been around and have done it, and then we have two women in between who have both distinguished themselves in their reporting and the awards that they’ve won.”

Please notice that the two male moderators (Jim Lehrer and Bob Schieffer) are referred to as “journalists” and the two female reporters (Candy Crawley and Martha Raddatz) are referred to as “women”. I get that he is trying to point out the gender diversity, but the opposites here are “male journalist” and “female journalist” – not “journalist” and “woman”.

And, since when is Candy Crawley not “a very experienced seasoned veteran journalist?” Let’s ignore the fact that she has been a journalist for over 30 years. (Seasoned? Check.) Or that she has covered every Presidential campaign during that time – as well as almost every key political story (Experienced? Check.) At least McCurry acknowledges that she’s distinguished herself in the awards she’s won – what he doesn’t mention is that among the plethora of journalism awards on Crawley’s mantle are the most prestigious in her field – the Peabody, the Emmy, and the Edward R. Murrow award. I don’t know if this goes into the “experienced” or “seasoned” box. Let’s just check them both.

It is no wonder that it has taken the Presidential Debate Commission so long to have women moderate these debates.

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