By: Robin Reed, Director of Digital StrategiesPosted on October 10, 2007 Issues: Workplace

By Robin Reed, Online Outreach Manager
National Women’s Law Center

Workplace harassment is making headlines again, with the recent Isiah Thomas case and Clarence Thomas’ new book in which he ridicules the allegations Anita Hill raised against him.

So what do you do if you’re being sexually harassed at work? NWLC’s Co-President Marcia Greenberger offers some tips in an Associated Press story:

1. Tell the harasser that you want the unwelcome behavior to stop.

2. Use your employer’s internal complaint or sexual harassment procedures. If you fail to take advantage of this, your employer might be able to avoid legal liability.

3. Keep a log of the unwelcome behavior, describing what happened, where, when and who else was there. Do this promptly, and note the date and time you are writing it down. Keep it at home to avoid having it destroyed by your harasser or employer.

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