The contrast couldn’t be more striking.

Today, the Senate is expected to address the most urgent deficit facing this country: the jobs deficit. Senators will vote tonight on the President’s plan to put people back to work and get the economy moving again. The plan would keep teachers and first responders on the job, invest in rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, provide job training, create incentives to hire the long-term unemployed, provide help for disadvantaged workers, extend emergency unemployment benefits, and prohibit discrimination against jobless workers.  

Then there’s the House. This week, the House will be addressing a, shall we say, different set of priorities. On Thursday, the House is expected to vote on a bill that would take insurance coverage of abortion away from millions of women and allow hospitals to let women die instead of providing them emergency abortion care.

Seriously. They’re not taking up an alternative jobs bill. And they aren’t working feverishly to come up with one. Nope. But they’re still—still—working hard at taking away women’s rights.

When the contrast is this stark, it’s too trite—too simple, really—to say that House Republican leaders are out of touch with America’s priorities.  It’s worse than that. More harmful. More insidious. More patronizing. More absurd. They are so out of touch, I can’t even explain it or write about it. The contrast speaks for itself.