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The Act will help preserve access to vital health care services by preventing cuts in Medicaid, a program which serves more than 20 million adult women, and other health programs.It provides:

  • $87 billion over two years in increased federal support for Medicaid, which will protect access to health care at a time when states are seeing increased demand for services at the same time they face declining revenues.
  • A 65 percent COBRA premium subsidy, for nine months, to help workers who lost jobs after September 2008 buy health insurance coverage under their former employer’s plan. Participants must attest that their same year income will not exceed $125,000 for individuals and $250,000 for families.
  • An extension through December 31, 2010 for the “Qualified Individual” program, which pays Medicare Part B premiums for aged and disabled individuals with incomes between 120% and 135% of poverty.
  • $500 million for services provided at community health centers and $1.5 billion for construction, renovation and equipment, and for the acquisition of health information technology systems for community health centers.
  • $1 billion for a new Prevention and Wellness Fund to fight preventable diseases and conditions with evidence-based strategies.
  • An extension through December 31, 2010 for Transitional Medical Assistance, which allows former recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families to retain Medicaid coverage for one year after they begin earning too much to remain eligible for Medicaid by too little to afford private coverage.
  • $10 billion to conduct biomedical research in areas such as cancer, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and stem cells, and to improve NIH facilities.

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Published On: February 13, 2009Associated Issues: Health Care & Reproductive RightsPoverty & Economic Security