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Education and Job Training

During this time of high unemployment, the Act makes it easier to obtain education and job training, providing:

  • $15.6 billion to increase the maximum Pell grant by $500 for two years.
  • $53.6 billion for a new State Fiscal Stabilization Fund to support education, including early childhood programs, and other vital public services over the next two years.The entire amount is available upon enactment.
  • $3.95 billion in additional funds for training and employment services under the Workforce Investment Act for dislocated workers, youth, and adult employment and training.
  • $100 million for Teacher Quality Partnership grants to address teacher shortages and modernize the teaching workforce. These grants could be used to support the early childhood workforce through compensation and other initiatives.
  • $120 million for subsidized community service jobs for low-income Americans.
  • $500 million for health professions training programs.
  • See Child Care and Early Education for other relevant provisions.

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Published On: February 13, 2009Associated Issues: Education & Title IXPoverty & Economic SecurityWorkplace