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Child Care and Early Education

The Act will help low-income parents obtain the child care they need to get and keep jobs and help children get the early learning they need to succeed by providing:

  • $2 billion for the Child Care and Development Block Grant, with the entire amount available upon enactment. Of this total, $255.2 million is reserved for quality improvement activities, of which $93.587 million is targeted to improve infant and toddler care.
  • $1 billion for Head Start, allocated according to the current statutory formula, and $1.1 billion for Early Head Start, to be awarded on a competitive basis.
  • $2.33 billion for Department of Defense facilities, including quality of life and family-friendly military improvement projects such as family housing, hospitals, and child care centers.
  • $13 billion for Title I grants for education programs for disadvantaged children, including early childhood programs and activities.
  • $11.7 billion to local education agencies for Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) programs for children ages 3 to 21, including $400 million for preschool grants (section 619) programs.
  • $500 million for formula grants under IDEA Part C to help states serve children with disabilities and special needs age 2 and younger.
  • See section on Education and Job Training for other relevant provisions.
  • See also: Making Use of Economic Recovery Funds: Child Care Policy Options for States

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Published On: February 13, 2009Associated Issues: Child Care & Early LearningPoverty & Economic Security