By: Rachel Easter, FellowPosted on June 18, 2015 Issues: Health Care & Reproductive Rights

There’s this pretty obvious concept that your medical decisions should be between you and your medical provider. For some reason, not everyone agrees. Too often, bosses think that they should have a say in their employees’ reproductive decisions. Specifically, bosses across the country have fired or docked their employees’ pay, because they disagree with their employee’s personal reproductive health care decisions. 

D.C. has stepped up and put an end to this type of discrimination, at least for now. The New York Assembly is trying to do the same. Yesterday, the Assembly voted on and passed AB 1142, known as “the Boss Bill.” This bill says bosses cannot discriminate against employees because of their reproductive health decisions. Now, the Boss Bill moves to the Senate for consideration.

Too Many Face Discrimination Based on their Personal Decisions

No one should be fired because of their reproductive health decisions. But that is the reality for many Americans. It was very real for Kelly Romenesko when she was fired because she and her husband used in vitro fertilization to become pregnant. And it was real for Michelle McCusker when she lost her job as a preschool teacher for becoming pregnant outside of marriage.

Enter the Boss Bill

That is not okay with me, and, as of yesterday, it is clear that is not okay with the New York Assembly. By voting for the Boss Bill, the Assembly took an important step in ending this type of discrimination. If the bill becomes law, bosses can’t fire employees for their reproductive health decisions. New Yorkers won’t face discrimination like Kelly Romenesko and Michelle McCusker did. Thousands of women around New York won’t have to worry that their employers might fire them for daring to decide to use birth control, having sex outside of marriage, using infertility treatments, or having an abortion. If the Boss Bill becomes law, employees’ personal decisions will remain just that—personal.

Make the Boss Bill a Reality for all New Yorkers

That is why we are celebrating the New York Assembly’s vote! It is wonderful to see the Assembly take action to protect New Yorkers’ health care decisions. Now it’s up the Senate to follow the Assembly’s lead and make the Boss Bill law, so no New Yorker will face discrimination because of personal health care decisions.