What’s at Stake Today

Women fought hard to win the right to vote. And voting is still the best way for women to ensure that our elected leaders support policies that will expand opportunity, help women and their families through hard times, and strengthen the economy ― instead of standing in the way of policies that promote fair workplaces, improve women’s health, raise wages, and support families.

What Is NWLC Doing?

During each election, critical issues hang in the balance. Women have a chance to choose candidates who will make decisions that have profound effects on education, retirement security, health care, reproductive health, and workplace policies for our country.

We encourage women to vote, and we help make sure they have the information they need on key issues as they head to the ballot box. From Social Security to judicial nominations to child care, there’s a lot on the table with every vote. Women can’t afford to stay home on Election Day.

What’s more, a number of states have recently passed laws to restrict voting rights. Requiring a photo ID or proof of citizenship makes voting more difficult. And because many women’s names change in marriage, women are more likely to lack IDs in their current name and are disproportionately affected by these restrictions. We’re fighting back against voter suppression ― because every woman should have the right to vote.