What’s at Stake Today

Women are more than half of college graduates and nearly half the workforce — but they’re also more likely to work in low-wage jobs and lack affordable child care, health care, and other much-needed supports. Our nation’s public policies and workplace practices are too often based on outdated assumptions about who works, who stays home, and what it takes to make sure families are economically secure.

What Is NWLC Doing?

When women succeed, their families and the economy prosper. A comprehensive economic agenda for women includes many of the policies we’ve championed over the years, including equal pay, raising the minimum wage, supporting pregnant and parenting workers, offering employees paid leave and predictable schedules, funding tax credits for working families and high-quality child care, supporting education and job training programs, and providing access to health care.

We’re working in the states and in Congress to advance these essential policies — because as long as women face discrimination and other obstacles that keep them at a serious economic disadvantage, equality will stay out of reach.