The start of spring brings some seasonal maternal responsibilities. My daughter is six, so these tasks include finding the shin guards and cleats that she dumped in a closet after the last soccer game last fall – ideally before the first spring soccer game, not after. Determining if she has outgrown all, or only half, of her warmer-weather clothes. Helping her finally ride her bike with confidence, and without training wheels.

I expect that as kids get older, these springtime responsibilities might change a bit. Maybe I will need to nudge her to keep working on a year-end project or to practice before the spring piano recital. Or to use some caution and common sense during a spring break trip to the beach.

This year many moms have a unique spring-time responsibility – and opportunity. Open enrollment for the health insurance Marketplaces closes on March 31, so now is the time to remind your grown-up kids to sign up for health insurance. You aren’t choosing their clothes any longer, and finishing up that final term paper is their problem, not yours. But the deadline for health insurance enrollment will be here before they know it, and a nudge or two (or three) from Mom could get them to stop procrastinating and pick a health plan.

With health insurance, you won’t need to worry about your adult kids facing big medical bills or losing everything if they get sick. Plus, insurance plans can’t refuse to cover people with pre-existing conditions, maternity care must be covered by all plans, and preventive services like well-woman visits and birth control are covered at no cost — without co-pays or deductibles. Many young adults will also be eligible for help with their premiums and cost-sharing, but they need to sign up by March 31!

Fortunately we can help. Go to Word of Mom to send your kids automatic reminders, via email, Facebook or Twitter, to Get Covered. It’s even easier than riding a bike.