Do you think our nation’s leaders would allow a hospital to refuse to perform an emergency abortion on a woman – even if it means she would die? Unfortunately, if some leaders have their way, the answer would be yes. The House of Representatives actually passed a bill that would allow hospitals to turn away women needing emergency abortion care. This bill is just one example of the recent onslaught of attacks at both the federal and state level that that aim to deny women’s access to reproductive health care.

Getting the emergency care a woman needs should not depend on the hospital to which she is taken.

Watch our new video!

Watch our new video and tell your leaders: My Health is NOT Up for Debate™!

From this bill and others on the spring agenda of the U.S. House of Representatives, to state bills that would mandate transvaginal ultrasounds for women seeking abortion care or that would shut down provider clinics, anti-choice lawmakers continue to take aim at women’s health care at every level. We can’t stand by and wait to see what their next attack bringswatch our new video and tell your leaders to stop the attacks on women’s reproductive health care by saying: My Health is NOT Up for Debate™!

Thank you for continuing to stand up for women’s health.