Over ten percent of our country’s district and appellate judgeships currently stand vacant. And when seats on the federal court go unfilled, people have to wait for justice. In almost half of the vacant judgeships, the caseload is so high that the Administrative Office of the federal court system has declared a judicial emergency.

The Senate has the ability to eliminate almost a quarter of these vacancies, but because of threatened filibusters and holds, has failed to do so. Currently, twenty-three judicial nominees are ready for a vote before the full Senate. Confirming these nominees would eliminate 11 of the 50 existing judicial emergencies and make a significant dent in the number of vacancies overall. In addition, two-thirds of the twenty-three pending are either women or people of color whose confirmation would increase the diversity of the federal bench. When the judiciary is diverse, judges bring a greater breadth of life experiences to their work and a deeper understanding of the law’s real world effect on individuals.

What can women do to make this happen? Vote. By voting, women can make sure our leaders in Washington confirm federal judges who are committed to applying the law fairly and who understand the laws’ real world impact on women’s lives. So vote to give people their day in court. Vote for justice.

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