My mom is a busy person. She’s a rock star teacher, a single parent, an entrepreneur, and an active volunteer. So when she also finds time to swing by the post office to send a care package to me across the country, I am seriously impressed.

Most often, a care package will arrive near Valentine’s Day — a holiday that my family has always celebrated detached from any romantic connotations, choosing instead to focus on our shared love of sweets. And because my mom is a busy person, the assembly of said Valentine’s care package can seem … haphazard … to the untrained eye.

For example, items that I have received in past packages include:

  • An individual serving-sized cup of mandarin oranges
  • Socks
  • Bottles of ranch dressing
  • Cough drops
  • Costco-sized bags of candy (see aforementioned love of sweets)
  • A plush, neon-green teddy bear

Packages almost always include a cheesy card (“I love you BEAR-y much”) with a note dashed off before sending: “Take care of yourself”; “The flu’s going around, be careful!”; “Hope that rash cleared up!” (just kidding about that last one).

Although the boxes may seem randomly packed, each item is in fact thoughtfully selected — a reference to an inside joke, a favorite food — and what underlies them all is my mom’s constant care for my comfort and well-being.


But, like all moms, mine has a lot going on. If you’re a mom, you probably do too.

So I’m not asking you to send your adult kids packages this Valentine’s Day. But moms, like mine, do what they do because they care about their kids’ well-being.

That’s why we’re calling on moms everywhere to remind their adult kids to enroll in health coverage. Inspired by my own mom’s care-package notes, we’ve created Valentine graphics you can share on Facebook to encourage your loved ones to sign up for health insurance by the March 31 deadline.  

Whether your adult kids are nearby or across the country, NWLC’s Word of Mom tool is here to help remind them to enroll in health coverage. It’s easy: just go to to send your kids a message by email, Twitter, or Facebook.

No care package required!