Budget negotiations in Washington are at a critical point.

Republicans who want to slash programs for low-income people while rejecting any revenue increases are threatening to refuse to raise the debt ceiling — which must happen to avoid a fiscal crisis — unless they get their way.

President Obama needs to hear that women and families are counting on him to protect programs for low-income people.

You can help! Call 1-888-245-0215 to be connected to the White House comment line. In your message:

  • State your name, where you’re from, and if you’re affiliated with a service provider or work with low-income people (though that is not necessary to call).
  • Then say: “Please tell the President and the Vice President to hold firm and insist that any deficit-reduction plan must protect programs for low-income people and not increase poverty. Women and their families shouldn’t bear the brunt of deficit reduction through cuts to critical programs like Medicaid, food stamps, child care and Head Start, and Pell grants. Increased revenues from those with the greatest ability to pay must be a major part of any deficit-reduction plan.”

Unless programs for low-income people are protected in the budget negotiations, women and their families will bear the brunt of deficit reduction. Women are more likely than men to be poor at all stages of their lives and their families disproportionately rely on programs designed to help low-income people. Maintaining and strengthening programs like Medicaid, food stamps, child care assistance, Head Start, and Pell grants protects vulnerable women and families today — and expands their opportunities for a better life.

Please ask President Obama and Vice President Biden to demand fair change in the budget negotiations. Dial 1-888-245-0215 today!