Good news from Arizona! Legislators there listened to women that their health is not up for debate! Politicians were attempting to make it more difficult for Arizona women to access insurance coverage of birth control by stripping away current protections in the state contraceptive equity law. They wanted to allow any employer with a religious objection – even the CEO of a for-profit corporation – to refuse to provide contraceptive coverage to employees. They also wanted to make it easier for those employers to fire a woman if they found out she obtained birth control on her own. Most egregious to the press and public, the bill would have forced women who work for those employers and need contraception for medical reasons to prove it.

 Outraged? Many were, and they let their legislators know it. According to this press report, the Arizona Senate President pulled the bill from a Senate committee agenda Monday partly because of objections from the public. The other objections that made Arizona legislators think twice? The state’s anti-choice governor, who expressed concern about forcing women to disclose private medical information to employers. And Republican Senator John McCain, who said Republicans should move away from limiting access to contraception, “respect the right of women to make choices in their lives,” and focus on jobs and the economy. Senator McCain, have you signed our petition yet?