Women and girls continue to make impressive contributions to sports, and they in turn reap great academic, economic, social and health benefits. By playing sports, girls win more than a game. Yet almost forty years after Title IX was enacted, school districts across the nation are still not giving girls equal opportunities to play sports. Girls make up half of all high school students nationwide, but only 41 percent of high school athletes, which means that they receive 1.3 million fewer chances to play sports as compared to boys!

Girls should not be missing out. Make sure girls get a fair shot to play by joining our new campaign: Rally for Girls’ Sports: She’ll Win More than a Game. The campaign includes a Facebook and Twitter campaign; a national hotline, 1.855.HERGAME, which concerned individuals can call to report inequities; and public education, including an educational webinar to help school officials, parents and advocates learn about Title IX’s requirements.

Today, we also filed complaints with the U.S. Department of Education against 12 school districts across the country for failing to provide girls with equal opportunities to play sports in violation of Title IX. By not taking the necessary steps to treat their female students fairly, school districts are denying girls more than a game.

For more information about Title IX and athletics, please refer to our fact sheets. If you want to know whether a school in your area is treating its male and female students fairly in athletics, please take a look at Check It Out, which provides a checklist to help answer this question. You can also report inequities to our hotline at 1-855-HER-GAME.

As advocates, parents, coaches, and students, we know that girls want to play and have what it takes to succeed—they just need the opportunities. Spread the word about giving girls a fair shot and join our Rally for Girls’ Sports Campaign through our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages today. Because every girl who plays will win more than a game.