Yesterday, there was an agreement to vitiate the cloture petition on the nomination of Jesse Furman to the Southern District of New York. In plain English, that means that the Senate minority decided that it was a bad idea to filibuster a district court nominee who was unanimously voted out of committee, especially after faux-filibustering Adalberto Jordan, a Cuban-American nominee to the Eleventh Circuit, a few days earlier.

I suspect that was the right decision, and now-Judge Furman was confirmed 62-34 earlier this morning. But backing off the brink of total, unmitigated, ridiculous obstruction and returning to plain old unprecedented obstruction, is nothing to jump up and down about. There are (after today’s vote) 20 nominees waiting for votes. Ten are to judicial emergency seats; 15 are women or minorities, and one nominee is openly gay. We need these judges confirmed. Contact your Senators to make sure they know that Americans care about the courts.