I’m sure you’re all anxious to get your Memorial Day weekend started, so this week we just have a few quick hits for you. Read on for stories on the latest product from Ruffles potato chips, “pink collar” jobs, and some dialogue about freedom of speech and pro-choice activism.

Oh, okay: Ruffles launches chips for men; ‘Ultimate Chips & Dips’ targeted specifically for male consumers.

I wasn’t aware potato chips had become feminine, or that possessing a uterus/not being a dude made me incapable of enjoying Sweet & Smokin’ BBQ flavored chips. But I’m sure these would go just great with some Dr. Pepper 10.

This week both Forbes and the New York Times took a look at the trend of men entering jobs usually considered women’s fields, like nursing and teaching, and examined how men entering those fields is affecting these typically female-dominated workplaces.

Over on RH Reality Check, Jodi Jacobson relays the story of her friend whose strongly worded pro-choice t-shirt caused some commotion on a recent American Airlines flight. In the process, she opens up an interesting debate about freedom of speech, obscene language, and how our country and legislators view pro-choice values.

Also of interest this week:

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That’s all for this week enjoy your holiday weekend! What have you been reading? Let us know by sharing a link in the comments or emailing it to me at djackson(at)nwlc(dot)org.