By: Danielle Jackson, Online Outreach AssociatePosted on March 28, 2012

March 21st

US women overcharged $1B for healthcare, UPI
Gender rating unfair health insurance practice, Daily Gamecock
The High Cost of Being a Woman, The Nation
Insurers charge women $1B more than men, FierceHealthPayer
Health care sex discrimination costs US women $1bn a year, PressTV
Women pay $1 billion more than men for health insurance annually, Democratic Underground
Affordable Care Act could save women $1 billion, KCTV
U.S. Supreme Court vs. your life, Livingston Daily

March 22nd

Battles Loom on Women’s Rights, Health, Budget, Women’s eNews
Rolling back the clock on women’s health, The Seattle Times
On the News with Thom Hartmann: Health Insurance Companies are Charging Women an Extra Billion Dollars Annually, Truthout
Health Coverage: Women pay more for health care; $70 on average, Fox59
Until Affordable Care Act Comes into Full Effect, Women Still Pay More for Health Care, PolicyMic

March 23rd

Top 5 Worst U.S. States for Women, TIME
Washington: One of the nation’s best states to be a woman, Seattle Post Intelligencer
Women still pay more for health insurance, Bend Bulletin
U.S. Women overcharged $1B for healthcare, Outcome Magazine
New study shows women spending more on healthcare than men, WDAY 6 News
News from the Berkeley Daily Planet, Berkeley Daily Planet
Top states where it’s hard to be female, 9News
Gender gap continues to play an important role in health insurance premiums, Live Insurance News
Women Pay $1 Billion More Annually for Health Insurance, Thanks to Gender Rating, BlissTree

March 24th
Sand volleyball could help Arizona high schools meet Title IX requirement, Tucson Citizen
Idaho women pay more for health insurance, Idaho Statesman

March 25th

More than just health care: Supreme Court and your life, Gannett Daily World
Looking (Anxiously) Ahead as Health Care Reform Turns Two, RH Reality Check

March 26th

Idaho women pay more for health insurance than men, AP
Rep. Marcy Kaptur says that the poorest in America are women, PolitiFact
Georgia Women Pay More for Health Plans, Georgia Public Broadcasting
The Affordable Care Act: Know the facts and make up your own mind, Tampa Bay Times