This week in our roundup, a… unique basketball team, another angle on the benefits of the Affordable Care Act, and how the new CEO of IBM is creating a bit of a stir around Augusta National Golf Club – whether she intends to or not.

If you’ve read some of my previous posts, you might know that I am a bit of a basketball fan. So today I’m excited to share with you the story of a team out in Minnesota. They’re called the Faribault Hotshots, and all the team members are women over 50 years old.

They call it granny basketball.

The story is probably best told in their own words, so be sure to watch the news clip below. The grannies – as they call themselves – modify the game a bit: instead of the standard five-on-five full-court game, they divide the court in the three parts. Players can’t run, nor can they leave their designated area, and they play 8 minute quarters. From time to time, the Hotshots will play Minnesota’s only other granny basketball team, which hails from Wanamingo. And when they do, the gym is full of their friends and family to cheer them on.


The Affordable Care Act headed to the Supreme Court this week for three days of arguments. We’ve spent a lot of time talking about what a repeal of the ACA could mean for women, and I wanted to share with you this blog post from the U.S. Positive Women’s Network on what the ACA means for HIV+ women. As many of you know by now, the ACA prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against children for pre-existing conditions. And in 2014 that protection will expand, so that insurance companies can’t discriminate based on sex and health status – which, in turn, will make it easier for HIV+ women and men to seek care. If you need a reminder of how bad things are now, well…

“Under current practice, women living with HIV can be denied health insurance solely as a result of their HIV status, forcing many to cobble together health care coverage from different sources such as ADAP, Medicaid, and Medicare. Navigating these programs can be time-consuming and difficult.”

For more, be sure to read The Affordable Care Act Supports Women – Now We Must Support the Affordable Care Act: Reflections on the importance of health care reform for women living with HIV. 


And lastly, some golf. Nope, I am not a golf fan, but this story about how the Augusta National Golf Club might have to let a woman join (it’s  been a men-only club, well, for its entire existence) has me thinking. See, they’ll be hosting the Masters Tournament next week, and Augusta National traditionally gives membership to the CEOs from the major sponsors of the event: IBM, AT&T, and ExxonMobil. The hitch? This year Ginni Rometty became the first female CEO of IBM.

The exact details of Augusta National’s membership policies are unknown to us non-members, but it seems to be possible that Rometty might already be a member. Or that she’s declined membership – since by her own declarations, Rometty is more into scuba diving.

What I think is most interesting about this is the discussion that sprung up on Jezebel yesterday, loosely broken into groups: one thinks that Rometty should be given the option of membership (to deny her the option solely because she is a woman would obviously be sexist). Another block thinks that, while they’re a little uneasy with this situation, they don’t necessarily see it as wrong that a private organization seeks to limit its membership solely to one sex (think of the collegiate Greek system, where the sexes are divided). Then, of course, there’s the problem that we don’t seem to have a club of the same caliber that is women-only.

What do you think? Leave any thoughts in the comments!


The NCAA Women’s Tournament 2012 Final Four games will kick off this Sunday! All four of the tournament’s #1 seeds (Baylor, Stanford, Notre Dame, and Connecticut) have advanced to this penultimate round. Notre Dame and UConn will square off against each other at 6:30pm ET Sunday, followed by Baylor against Stanford at 8:30 ET that evening. In addition to possessing dunking phenom Brittney Griner, Baylor might be on its way to something huge – a perfect 40-0 season if they win against Stanford and beat the winner of the ND-UConn matchup for the 2012 title.


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