We’re gearing up for another blog carnival that’s just around the corner – our annual Blog for Equal Pay Day! We’ll be partnering with MomsRising this year to spread the message far and wide, but to do that we need some help from you!

If you’re a blogger, we’d like for you to join us in writing a blog post (or more, if you’re so inspired!) discussing equal pay and the wage gap. Today, women make just 77 cents for every dollar a man makes — that’s an average of $10,622 in lost wages every year. For many women and their families, ending the wage gap would buy a year’s supply of groceries, three months of child care, or six months of health insurance. It’s time to stop discounting women’s voices and paychecks.

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO: Participate in our blog carnival by submitting a blog post! Focus your blog post on policy analysis, personal experiences, reports, graphs and more – the choice is up to you. Here are some ideas to get you thinking about your blog post:

  • Interview your grandmother or other older relatives about their struggle to earn equal pay for equal work.  You can also write about your own struggle.
  • If you earn minimum wage (or used to make minimum wage), tell us what it would mean for your family if the minimum wage or tipped minimum wage was increased.
  • Share your hopes about equal pay for the future; or tell us what kinds of policy you’d like advanced on this issue.
  • Write a letter to your daughter, granddaughter or any other younger women in your life about the importance of fighting for equal pay for equal work.

Both NWLC and MomsRising will collect and publish the blog posts into one spectacular blog carnival, and we’ll keep the carnival going on Facebook and on Twitter with the hashtag #fairpay.

Want more info on how to participate? See our full participation guide – including how and when to submit your post – after the jump. Still have questions? Just shoot them to me in an email at djackson@nwlc.org!

 A blog carnival is an online action that aims to utilize the growing power of our combined reach on social media (blogs, Facebook, Twitter) to jumpstart – and jump into! – a national conversation. This blog carnival on equal pay will have blog posts ranging from the personal to the political. NWLC will collect links to the individual blog posts and publish them together in one overarching post that will serve to host and introduce the blog carnival. In addition, we’ll amplify all posts on our Facebook pages and with tweets from the NWLC and MomsRising Twitter accounts (@nwlc and @MomsRising) using hashtags like #fairpay.

CONTENT GUIDELINES: The National Women’s Law Center and MomsRising invites you to write about what Equal Pay for women means for your family, your community and the country by sharing stories and opinions. Blog posts can be just a few paragraphs or longer, but we recommend your post be about 500 – 800 words. 

We appreciate original content and we are also happy to re-post previously written content as long as you add a few sentences or a paragraph on why this post is relevant to this particular blog carnival.

HOW TO SUBMIT A POST:  Please email the following to djackson@nwlc.org and anita@momsrising.org by FRIDAY, APRIL 13th at 5PM!

  • Your name and email address
  •  Your headshot
  • Your Twitter handle, if you have one
  • The title of your post
  • The text of your post
  • A photo or image to accompany your text with the photo’s credit. We find that photos and images help blog posts get shared around the Internet.
  • If your blog post has been published previously or you’re planning on publishing your blog post to your own site, please include the URL so we can link to it. If your blog post has been previously published please include a few sentences about why you want to share this post for this particular blog carnival.

The more blog posts, the merrier – and the bigger the impact we’ll have overall! So in addition to submitting your own blog post, if you know anyone else who may like to participate, feel free to share this invitation with them.  

TIMELINE: The blog carnival will be published on April 17, 2012. We are accepting blog posts starting now — the earlier the better. The deadline for submitting your blog post is FRIDAY, APRIL 13th by 5pm. Blog posts submitted after that may be added to the blog carnival slightly later. We are happy to tweet a link to your post anytime! 


DETAILS ON THE TWEETING: When the blog carnival is published on Tuesday, April 17, each post will be tweeted and retweeted with hashtags pertinent to Blog for Equal Pay Day. We encourage you to search for these tweets from @MomsRising and @NWLC to retweet them from your own account, and to comment using the appropriate hashtags and tagging @MomsRising and @NWLC in your tweet so we can respond easily to you to thank you! We also encourage you to send these tweets to those in your online community and to other bloggers to invite their tweets and comments. Feel free to ask your followers to do the same! If you tweet and blog anytime during the blog carnival, please send those links to us and we can incorporate them into the blog carnival to amplify your messages. 

* Please let us know if you have any questions and if you will be able to participate. You would be a valuable addition to this social media action. And definitely feel free to share this invitation with others far and wide!