Calling all bloggers! On Equal Pay Day – April 9, 2013 – the National Women’s Law Center will be hosting our annual Blog for Equal Pay Day blog carnival. And we want you to participate!

This June, it will be 50 years since President Kennedy signed the Equal Pay Act into law. And today, women still make just 77 cents for every dollar a man makes — that’s nearly $11,000 in lost wages every year.

That’s why we’re asking bloggers to participate in this year’s Blog for Equal Pay Day by answering the question, “What would you do with your $11,000 in lost wages?” in your blog posts, but you’re also welcome to choose an alternative topic. Please feel free to include policy analysis, personal experiences, reports, graphs, etc in your blog posts as well!

NWLC will collect and publish links to the blog posts on Equal Pay Day (April 9, 2013). Click through for all the details you need to get involved in the blog carnival.

BLOG CARNIVAL CONTENT SUGGESTIONS: NWLC invites you to write about what equal pay for women means by sharing your experiences and opinions. This year, we are asking bloggers to answer the prompt, “What would you do with your $11,000 in lost wages?” but you’re also welcome to write about a topic of your choosing.

HOW TO SUBMIT A POST: Please email the following to by Friday, April 5, 2013 at 5:00pm ET

  • Your name and email address
  • The link to your post (note: link does not need to be live by 5:00pm ET Friday – as long as it will be live by 9:00am ET on April 9 it’s fine!)
  • Your Twitter handle, if you have one

WHAT WILL THE BLOG CARNIVAL PAGE LOOK LIKE?: The blog carnival page will be hosted on NWLC’s blog and will feature links to blogs written by our participants. It will follow the same format as the 2012 blog carnival page. NWLC will not be cross-posting blog posts on to our website/blog.

TIMELINE: The deadline for submitting your blog post is Friday, April 5 by 5:00pm ET. The blog carnival will be published by 10:00am ET on April 9, 2013. Blog posts submitted after 5:00pm on April 5 are welcome but may be added to the blog carnival slightly later in the day on April 9.

WILL YOU BE TWEETING?: Yes! NWLC (@nwlc) will be tweeting all day to mark Equal Pay Day. We encourage you to join us and tweet about equal pay, the wage gap, and link to your blog by hashtagging your tweets with #equalpayday.

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