At the White HouseSo yesterday was a REALLY exciting day for me! I was invited to the White House to see President Obama give a speech on the health care law, a.k.a. Obamacare. There are a lot of beneficial parts of the health care law for young women such as myself, like no co-pay preventive services and no longer being charged more for insurance by simply being a woman. I was asked to come to the White House because a few months ago I received a rebate from my insurance company. Yes, my insurance company sent me a check as opposed to a bill. The reason for this is that there is a provision in Obamacare that says that insurance companies have to use 80% of premium costs on care. If insurance companies do not use the majority of funds on care then they need to return the difference. Pretty great, right?

How it worked for me was that because I have insurance through NWLC, they received the check and the amount that normally comes out of my paycheck for my insurance plan was less. Some people might not even realize that they received the rebate but I was watching for it. Full disclosure, I have a lot of student loans, but on one of my loans I was really close to paying it off. When I received that extra amount in my paycheck, I was actually able to pay off one of my student loans!!

There’s a lot of political dialogue going back and forth about the Obamacare, but really it shouldn’t be about that. As the President said in his speech today, it’s about “getting work done on behalf of working people, on behalf of the middle class.” As each milestone of the law passes it becomes apparent how Obamacare is really helping the people it is supposed to help. Like the under 26 years old kids who are still able to be on their parents’ plan. Or the working mom that now not only has a safe space to breast feed at work but also was able to receive a breast pump without a co-pay. Or for victories like mine– a young woman working her butt off for something she cares about is actually able to pay off some of her debt.

President Obama, thank you for inviting me into our nation’s home and for the health care law. Now, when can I hang out with Bo?!