Roe v. Wade is important to me because no one should be allowed to force a woman to have a baby that she’s not ready to have. Not the man who got her pregnant. Not her family. And certainly not a bunch of politicians. But what’s more important, I think, is that the one out of three women who will have an abortion in her lifetime start to talk about it.

Advocates for Youth and their 1 in 3 Campaign are helping to make that conversation happen. But, still, when I posted on Facebook about my abortion, some people suggested it was TMI (too much information). Well, actually, it wasn’t enough, because context is everything when it comes to reproductive health. Whether a woman has one abortion or three, the real story is what was going on her life when she got pregnant and why she decided she was unable or unwilling to have a child.

Abortion was the only viable option for me. And I want to make sure that young women today—and for the next 40 years and beyond—have the same option. But we also need to begin sharing our own abortion stories more openly. So, Roe v. Wade is important. But it isn’t enough.